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Des tools pour visualisé des attaques DDOS, localisé les ip, analysé les failles de votre cms, voici ce que nous vous offrons dans cette page . Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur notre blog et articles de presse, c’est par ici .

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  • Analysis of a VB Script Heap Overflow (CVE-2019-0666)

    Anyone who uses RegEx knows how easy it is to shoot yourself in the foot; but, is it possible to write RegEx so badly that it can lead to RCE? With VB Script, the answer is yes! In this article I’ll be writing about what I assume to be […]

  • Video: First Look at Ghidra (NSA Reverse Engineering Tool)

    Today during RSA Conference, the National Security Agency release their much hyped Ghidra reverse engineering toolkit. Described as  “A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools”, Ghidra sounded like some kind of disassembler […]

  • Analyzing a Windows DHCP Server Bug (CVE-2019-0626)

    Today I’ll be doing an in-depth write up on CVE-2019-0626, and how to find it. Due to the fact this bug only exists on Windows Server, I’ll be using a Server 2016 VM (corresponding patch is KB4487026). Note: this bug was not found by me, […]

  • Tracking the Hide and Seek Botnet

    Hide and Seek (HNS) is a malicious worm which mainly infects Linux based IoT devices and routers. The malware spreads via bruteforcing SSH/Telnet credentials, as well as some old CVEs. What makes HNS unique is there’s no command and control […]

  • Best Languages to Learn for Malware Analysis

    One of the most common questions I’m asked is “what programming language(s) should I learn to get into malware analysis/reverse engineering”, to answer this question I’m going to write about the top 3 languages which […]


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